Spider-Man PS4 Trailer

Recently revealed at Sony's E3 press conference, this title will be in development exclusively for the Playstation 4. Open your ears for some heroic sound design and music! Voiceover by Steve "Zambo Zambito.

The Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild trailer

With the excitement for a new Zelda game mounting, I decided to redo the music and sound design for the latest trailer presented at E3 2016.


This was my most ambitious project yet. I stripped all of the audio from the first trailer released for the recent Battlefront game and did all the sound design and orchestral music from scratch.


Redone music and SFX for the classic NES game Mega Man II. It was a lot of fun to produce and revisit the classic tones of retro console sound cards. I even captured the gameplay footage myself! (Don't judge me for not playing on difficult)

Unity Game Project

In addition to the videos above, I've created a playable example of my work that uses the free Unity game engine title, Angry Bots. The file with all associated assets can be downloaded below. The project is entitled GAME.unity and is located in the main folder. (Requires at least Unity version 4.5.2 to run).