Aboūt The Company


Based out of Long Island, Mūt Audio, is the one-stop shop for your video game music and sound effects needs. Founded and operated by long-time musician Andrew Ansbach, Mūt Audio is geared towards independent developers who require quality, one-of-a-kind soundtracks and sound design. 

Aboūt the foūnder


Andrew Ansbach began his musical journey at the age of 9 when he picked up an alto saxophone in elementary school. Although it was an intriguing instrument, it wasn't until he picked up a guitar a few years later that his interest in and love of music grew exponentially. After playing in bands and rocking out, he turned towards expanding his composing abilities by absorbing jazz and classical music. After studying jazz guitar and piano with a private teacher and receiving specialized training in video game audio at San Francisco's Pyramind Training, he decided the best way to get a job was to employ himself and start his own business. He looks forward to working with any and all clients.